David Linaker and I go way back, in his life prior to becoming a celebrant, speaker and life coach, David was the vicar who married me and my husband and so it’s been a real pleasure for him to trust me with his his headshots over the years since he left the church. He first approached me for headshots a few years ago, as he said he loved my use of light and my bright fresh images. I have shot some more formal (read suited and booted!) headshots for David in the past and last year we updated his headshot with these new images shot at Casterley Barn near Pewsey in Wiltshire. Casterley is a brilliant shoot location as one half of the building is entirely made up of glass windows and doors, and it’s been beautifully furnished with modern decor, making it the perfect spot for a headshot shoot. In these images we shot two different outfits, giving David a couple of options and I gave him a veriety of close up shots as well as some with lots of negative space which David could use for design or branding – a great spot to put text.

David said ” I absolutely love working with Lydia. Her use of light is unique and I’ve been delighted with headshots and website assets. I would recommend Lydia to professionals seeking a unique and stylish look.”