Helen is one third of the power house that is What Peggy Did Next, an incredible events & styling company I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my role as a wedding photographer. Everything they touch seems to be beautiful, stylish and most importantly fun. So when Helen asked me if I’d ever done food photography and confided in me her plans to launch Sweet Feast – a sweet grazing board company I knew it would be beautiful, but when I arrived at the location Helen had sourced for the shoot and saw the incredible display of mouth watering treats she’d styled I was blown away. 

Helen is an incredibly talented stylist, and she’d worked her magic as usual to create a beautiful table scape of treats for guests to graze on as a show stopping dessert option for a high end dinner party, event or wedding. She’d painstakingly made chocolate slabs and chocolate stars as well as mixing in cupcakes, sweeties and cookies dipped in chocolate. We shot a variety of the set ups for the platters, and it was a pretty enjoyable day in the office and I will admit going home with a box of goodies wasn’t a bad way to finish up.

Kitchen island covered with flowers, cakes and sweets
Cupcakes, cookies and chocolates seen from above photo by Lydia Stamps