I don’t think any of us could have foreseen the challenges we’d face this year back in January. At the end of last year I was feeling excited to launch this new commercial photography side of my business, and I was dreaming of the adventures and new challenges that the year would hold. In March it felt like it had all come crashing down, but little did I know that this new business for businesses would save me.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for a decade now and when the pandemic hit the wedding industry hard it was the work I do for other businesses which kept me afloat and kept me sane. It’s been a year when many of us have had to cut budgets, reduce spending and change our plans, but it’s also been an opportunity to take the time we might not usually have and show up in our businesses, make our selves more visible, maybe undertake a rebrand or launch something new.

And so it’s been a huge pleasure to create fresh new imagery for you this year, and I’ve been reminded of just why I want to do many more collaborations with business owners. I’ve absolutely loved how varied my work has been. I’ve shot interiors, products, food and my absolute favourite – YOU. People photography will always be my first love and I’ve adored doing so many personal brand shoots to help you connect with your customers.

When I look back at these images, and think of the year we’ve all made it through, I feel so proud. Amongst the hardship and the stress there has also been fun and laughter and life has gone on. I’ve loved it. I hope you enjoy a look back over some of my favourite images of the year.